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Top-Grade Fire Extinguishers

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When you're looking for affordable and up-to-date fire safety products, you should get in touch with Central Fire Sales & Service of Tigard, OR. Whether you're looking to purchase a new fire extinguisher or a refurbished one, we can offer you a good price.

Safety Products Available for a Variety of Needs

Our first-aid kits and safety products are available in many sizes. We also deal with over-the-counter tablets and bandages. You can also get 5 lb. and 10 lb. fire extinguishers. First-aid products we provide you with are:
  • Ibuprofen tablets
  • Non-aspirin tablets
  • Extra strength non-aspirin
  • Back pain reliever
  • Antacid tablets
You'll be glad to know that we carry Amerex fire extinguishers!
Fire training

Certificate of Liability!

Our honest staff is dedicated to safety and doing things in the right manner. We can provide a certificate of Liability coverage if you ask for one. Speak to our staff today on how we can help you with your fire extinguisher needs!
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Get 20% OFF on your first fire extinguisher sales and service project with us. You'll be pleased with our quick turnaround times.
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